NBB-20VS16-3 Network Boot Bar 20 Amp 200 - 240V

NBB-20VS16-3 Network Boot Bar 20 Amp 200 - 240V

NBB-20VS16-3 Network Boot Bar 20 Amp 200 - 240V

Power Control & Management:

  • Remote Individual or Group Outlet Switching
  • On/Off/Reboot/Default Load Shed Switching
  • Outlet Sequencing & Power Up Delays
  • User-Defined Power-Up Default Status & Outlet Status Retention
  • Plug Naming, Grouping & Access Control
  • Scheduled On/Off/Reboot Switching
  • Ping Watchdog with Auto Reboot
  • IP & SNMP Control

Metering/Monitoring/ Reporting:

  • True RMS Current Metering
  • Total or Branch Specific Metering
  • Reports kWh, kW, Amps, Volts, Temperature
  • Over-Current Alarms
  • Current High and Low Alarms
  • Over-Temperature Alarms
  • Lost Voltage (Line In) Alarm
  • Ping-No-Answer Alarm
  • Invalid Access Lockout Alarm
  • Power Cycle Alarm
  • Circuit Breaker Open Alarm
  • Alarm Notification via Email, SNMP, SYSLOG
  • Alarm, Command, Access Audit, Current, Voltage, Watts and Temperature Logging


  • In-Band (10/100Base-T Ethernet Port)
  • Out-of-Band (External Modem Ready)
  • Local (RJ45 RS232 SetUp Port)
  • SSHv2 Encryption
  • Embedded Validated FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module
  • HTTPS/SSL/TLS Secure Web
  • Multi-Level Subscriber Directory with Outlet-Specific Password Protection
  • IP Address Filtering
  • Remote Authentication: LDAP/Kerberos/RADIUS/TACACS+
  • Supports Both IPv4 and IPv6

Unit Management:

  • Compatible with SNMP-based Enterprise Management Utilities
  • Includes WMU Enterprise Management Software
  • CLI plus Web-Based GUI
  • SNMP Control, Monitorin and Configuration with Full MIB support (Supports SNMP Versions 1,2C and 3)
  • Multiple Concurrent SSH Sessions
  • SSL Web Browser

Network-grade Power Distribution:

  • 16 Amp In-Feed
  • 0U Vertical Mounting
  • 16 Amp Circuit Breaker


Interface Descriptions:
Ethernet Port: 10/100Base-T, RJ45
Console Port: (1) RJ45, RS232C
Voltage: 200 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Distribution:
(80% Derated)
2.6/3.1 kW
Power Outlets: (20) IEC C13
Input Feeds: 16 Amp IEC C20 for Detachable Power Cord
Current: 16 Amps
Branches per Input: 2 (5 Outlets per Branch)
Power Input Cables: N/A (Detachable Power Cords Sold Separately)
Size: 68.5"H x 1.75"W x 3.25"D (0U) - 13" Base has 5.5"Depth
(174 cm H x 4.5 cm W x 8.25 cm D)
Weight: 40 Lbs. (18 Kg) Shipping Weight
Operating Temperature: 32° to 122° F (0° C to 50° C)
Humidity: 10% to 90% RH
Mounting: 0U Rack Brackets Included
Agency Approvals:

Power Cables (Order Separately)

Part # Supply Plug Equipment End Rating Description
DPC-19-UK-8F BS 1363 C19 16A/250V BS 1363 (UK) to IEC-60320-C19
8FT (2.4M)
DPC-19-SHKO-8F CEE 7/7 C19 16A/250V CEE 7/7 (EU) to IEC-60320-C19
8FT (2.4M)

C14 C19 15A/250V IEC-60320-C14 to IEC-60320-C19

6FT (1.8M)
12FT (3.7M)
C20 C19 20A/250V IEC-60320-C20 to IEC-60320-C19
6FT (1.8M)
8FT (2.4M)
10FT (3.05M)
C14 C13 10A/250V IEC-60320-C14 to IEC-60320-C13
6FT (1.8M)
12FT (3.7M)

Price: $1,957.00